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Online Documentation for dbscript by devio

Diagram List[edit]

The list of Diagrams created in the Project Version.

dbscript versions up to 1.01 created only Data Diagrams.

dbscript version 1.02 added Dependency Diagrams, and Storage and Concept Diagrams for EDMX support.

Create Data Diagram[edit]

Create or display a Data Diagram for the Database Schema stored in the Project Version.

The algorithm used in data diagram generation lays out tables in rows and columns for each set of tables connected by foreign key relations:

Each row holds exactly one table, and the column of each table is defined by the columns of related tables.

Check the "Display Schema Name" option if schema names are relevant in the diagram.

Create Other Diagrams[edit]

Select the diagram type (support depends on the selected Database Engine of the Project)

Check applicable options

Optionally restrict the diagram to an Object Selection

Generate and store PNG diagram, or download DIA diagram