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Online Documentation for dbscript by devio

Display and edit Database properties.

MSSQL Server database properties[edit]

Server, Catalog, Username and Password must be provided for live database.

The user must have read access to the meta data, either

  • being db_owner in the database, or
  • having at the VIEW DEFINITION grant

See [MSDN] [Metadata Visibility]

Oracle database properties[edit]

You can define the Oracle connection in two ways:

   * set “Server” to the instance name listed inside tnsnames.ora and leave “Catalog” empty
   * set “Server” to server:port, and “Catalog” to the service name (as in tnsnames.ora)

A new field called “Import Options” allows you to define the scope of the schema import:

   * “USER” (the default value)
   * “ALL:” + list of user names
   * “DBA:” + list of user names

The user specified in “Username” needs to have access to the ALL_ and DBA_ catalog views, respectively.

Documenting Oracle Databases in dbscript


If all required fields are entered, press the "Test Connection" button to test whether the settings are correct, and dbscript can access the database.

If the connection test succeeds, the "Can Connect" field is checked. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.

Note that the target database is accessed from the web server, not from the client machine.