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This page has been generated using dbscript

Select Project, Project Version, Object, Command "Generate Script"

Select "XML", and predefined XSL "MediaWiki Table (short)"

Generated Code (AdventureWorks)[edit]

updated 31.Dec 08 to reflect latest changes

Table Person.Contact

Column Data Type Nullable Default
ContactID int not null
NameStyle dbo.NameStyle not null ((0))
Title nvarchar(8) null
FirstName dbo.Name not null
MiddleName dbo.Name null
LastName dbo.Name not null
Suffix nvarchar(10) null
EmailAddress nvarchar(50) null
EmailPromotion int not null ((0))
Phone dbo.Phone null
PasswordHash varchar(128) not null
PasswordSalt varchar(10) not null
AdditionalContactInfo xml null
rowguid uniqueidentifier not null (newid())
ModifiedDate datetime not null (getdate())

Generated Code (dbscript)[edit]

updated 31.Dec 08 to reflect latest changes

Table dbo.Columns

Column Data Type Nullable Default
OID int not null
Obj_OID int not null
ColN_OID int null
ColID int not null
ColOrder int not null
ID nvarchar(128) not null
DataTypeSchema nvarchar(128) null
DataType nvarchar(128) null
Length int null
DecimalLength int null
Nullable bit not null (0)
IsIdentity bit not null (0)
CollationName nvarchar(128) null
IdentityStart int null
IdentityInc int null
IsRowGuidCol bit not null (0)
Computed ntext null
IsPersisted bit not null (0)
NotForRepl bit not null (0)
XmlSchema nvarchar(128) null
XmlCollection nvarchar(128) null
IsXmlDoc bit not null (0)
Description ntext null
DFID int null
DFName nvarchar(128) null
DFExpr ntext null
DFIsSysNamed bit not null (0)
Created datetime not null (getdate())


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