How to Use a Cock Sleeve

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How to Use a Cock Sleeve

Penis sleeves, cock sleeves, penis sheaths, cock extenders – there are many different names for these little (or big) contraptions. You might have heard of them being great supportive devices for people with ED or people who struggle with premature ejaculation. While they really are helpful devices for these conditions, cock sleeves can also be used for other purposes – they can simply be another fun bedroom accessory like any other sex toy!

But regardless of why you want to use a cock sleeve, it won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it! So let’s go over the fundamentals in this blog post. I will take you through the most important steps of using a cock sleeve. I’ll also tell you a little bit about why people use them and for what.

But let’s start with a quick run-down of what you’re probably eager to hear.

Here’s the short version:

If you just googled: “how to use a cock sleeve” because you’re currently holding your brand new cock sleeve, about to use it for the first time and just need some urgent guidance, let’s just quickly go over the most important steps.

  • Get the right fit – You should find a cock sleeve that fits your (erect) penis well. It should be a snug fit. Not too loose but not too tight either!
  • Lube up – Put some lube on your penis and inside the sleeve. And, of course, when you’re ready for penetration, add some lube on the outside of the sleeve as well.
  • Get hard – You should put on your cock sleeve while you’re already erect. Slide or pull it down over your penis – all the way down to the base. Now you can feel if it’s a snug fit or not.
  • Secure the sleeve – Make sure it’s securely in place. If there’s a loop, stretch around your scrotum. If there’s a belt or a harness, fasten it around your hips!

Now you’re ready to go!

What Are Cock Sleeves for?

Cock sleeves are generally used to maintain or support an erection during penetrative sex. Often made of a firm material that can ensure successful penetration even if the natural erection doesn’t stay hard enough. Different types of cock sleeves are used for different purposes. But mostly, cock sleeves are a supportive erection device that can add stimulation, length, or girth to your penetration!

Who would use them?

Anyone who feels like using this kind of hollow penile assistive device can use them! Of course, people with the following conditions generally use cock sleeves to help them (and their partner) continue to enjoy penetration:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Since cock sleeves allow you to have penetrative sex without necessarily having to maintain a full erection, they are great devices for people struggling with ED. Depending on whether you struggle to stay hard or struggle to even get an erection in the first place, there are cock sleeves out there with different designs and materials that can help you enjoy penetration.
  • Premature ejaculation – Someone looking to delay orgasm might also find some cock sleeves useful. Some designs feature a very thick or rigid sleeve that may decrease direct stimulation of your penis and allow you to last longer throughout your thrusting experience.

Why would you use a cock sleeve?

There are many other reasons to use a cock sleeve besides maintaining erections. Here are some pros about using cock sleeves. They might be able to provide you with more pleasure than you were expecting…

  • Textured surfaces for additional stimulation. Some cock sleeves are ribbed or nubbed on the outside (for your partner’s pleasure) or inside the sleeve itself (for an extra textured feel for you!).
  • As mentioned earlier, some cock sleeves have a smooth interior with thicker sleeves. Using these will sometimes decrease sensations in the penis and allow you to last longer and work on your stamina.
  • Some cock sleeves are designed to extend the dimensions of your penis for penetration. Let your partner enjoy a thicker penis or overwhelm them with a few extra inches if you feel like it…
  • Some cock sleeves also have the option to add a small vibrator to the device. The sleeve will most likely create a secure placement at an optimal angle for clitoral vibes during penetration. Using a vibrator along with the other sensations of the sleeve can be incredibly pleasureable for both of you!

How to Use a Cock Sleeve – The Full Guide

Alright, if you hadn’t already guessed, there’s more to using a cock sleeve than just slipping it on and pumping away. I mean, that approach works pretty well when you’re moderately experienced, but let’s start from the beginning.

Here’s a more detailed guide that will give you the tools you need to begin your sleeved journey. Let’s go over how exactly to use a cock sleeve.

Find the right size!

First things first, you can’t start using a cock sleeve that doesn’t fit you! This might just be the most important step in the process. Find one that fits your size!

  • Measure your erect penis – Make sure to get precise measurements of your erect length, width, and diameter.
  • Check the specifications of the cock sleeve you want to purchase – Will this specific model fit your dimensions? Is the material flexible? Is the design completely constrictive or open? You’re looking for a snug fit when your penis is erect. Not too loose, not too tight, you want it just right – you’re basically looking for the Goldilocks of penis sleeves!

Find the right kind!

Next important step is to figure out exactly which type of cock sleeve is best suited for your specific needs.

  • Ask yourself why you want to use a cock sleeve. Are you looking for an extension, a stable erection, for added stimulation, or less stimulation for more stamina?
  • Depending on your needs, find the right match for you! Perhaps you need an open ended one, a super thick one, an extra long one, soft, or textured! If you’re not able to get hard at all, there are plenty of options for super firm cock sleeves with fastening mechanisms (ball loops or harnesses) – like hollow strap-ons. Check out our blog post going into detail about all the different types of cock sleeves out there and learn more about which one might be right for you!

For the act itself…

Okay, you’ve got just the right size and type cock sleeve ready for your big sleeved adventure. Now what?

Get in the mood and get aroused!

Set the scene and do what you’re used to doing to get yourself and your partner as excited as usual. Foreplay away! Use your hands and mouths to warm each other up and create heavy arousal. Once you’re hard, you’re ready to put on your cock sleeve!

Lube, lube lube!

To put it on you’ll need to lube up your penis. You should also put some lube into the sleeve itself!

Make sure that the lube you’re using is compatible with the material of your device. If you’re not sure about this, check out our full lube guide here!

Secure the sleeve!

  • Slide it over your erect penis and secure it.
  • Secure the loop over balls or fasten your harness.
  • Follow the instruction given for the individual products. Some designs will require you to roll out the sleeve or stretch it over the shaft. But some materials might be damaged from improper use, so be sure to read the sex toys manufacturers guidelines!

Get yourself and your partner ready for insertion

  • More lube! Lube up the outside of your cock sleeve and whatever or whomever you will be putting it into!
  • Teasing and touching! Get familiar with the feel of the cock sleeve while continuing your foreplay. Get used to the sensations while you’re maintaining your arousal and building excitement!
  • Slow insertion at first… Take your time with penetration at first and allow each other to adjust to the feel. Be patient with yourself, if penetration seems difficult at first. It might take time to get the hang of using your new supportive sleeve – especially if it’s bigger than what you’re used to!

Once you’ve got the motions down, you’re free to enjoy everything! The added support, sensation, and even just the novelty of the experience!

Cleaning and Aftercare

Once you’re done, you should clean your cock sleeve properly. Again, this depends largely on the material of your product.

Usually, your device can be cleaned by washing it thoroughly inside and out with warm water and a mild unscented soap, or any sex toy cleaner. Stand the sleeve upright to dry completely before storing it in a small bag or pouch away from lint or dust. Now it’ll be ready for the next time you feel like adding some fun sleeve action to your bedroom play!

Porous Materials & Protection

A lot of soft and flexible cock sleeves are made of porous materials like jelly or rubber. If you have one like this, you should be extra thorough with proper cleaning and storage. As porous materials have microscopic holes on the surface that over time will trap dirt and bacteria, we actually don’t recommend inserting these materials without condoms.

That said, cock sleeves are never to act as a substitute for condoms. They are not sufficient barrier methods and do not protect from STIs, or pregnancy! And you can easily use condoms with these bad boys – so, better be safe than sorry!

Hopefully, now you feel more equipped to venture out into the wonderful world of these versatile supportive penile devices! Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll see using cock sleeves really does open up so many possibilities for your own pleasure – and your partner’s!