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Online Documentation for dbscript by devio

Setup information for Documentation Generators


Create a bot user in MediaWiki and assign it to the Bot group.

ScrewTurn Wiki[edit]

Create a user in ScrewTurn which is used by dbscript to upload generated content.

In the web.config file of the ScrewTurn web application, disable viewstate validation:

<pages enableViewState="true" enableEventValidation="false" />

This is required since the dbscript wiki bot cannot calculate the viewstate validation.

Original documentation on devioblog

dbscript 1.01 supports both ScrewTurn version 2 and 3.

ScrewTurn Wiki Page Provider[edit]

The Page Provider is shipped in an archive called

Extract this zip file into the Bin directory of the ScrewTurn web application.

Log in to ScrewTurn as administrator, go to the Administration panel and upload the file dbsstwpp.dll.

Configure the plugin with the same connection string you use in the dbscript web application. (see web.config)

In dbscript, create a Documentation Provider of type ScrewTurn Page Provider, and define its contents. After hitting Generate, ScrewTurn Wiki displays the selected Project Version information. (You may need to restart the ScrewTurn web application)

Original documentation on devioblog