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Version 1.01[edit]

Release Date: 100225

Supported Documentation Generators:

  • dbscript HTML
  • dbscript Single HTML
  • HTML (single file)
  • MediaWiki
  • ScrewTurn Wiki (V2)
  • ScrewTurn Wiki (V3)
  • Word HTML

Version 1.00[edit]

Release Date: 091229

  • New SQL Parser, support for some 2005 and 2008 features
  • Support for Extended Properties (descriptions)
  • Dependency Analysis

Version 0.99[edit]

Release Date: 091014

  • Data Diagrams for Dia
  • Multi-version Comparisons
  • Project Branches
  • Update Notification

Version 0.98[edit]

Release Date: 090909

  • Import of PostgreSQL database schemas
  • Improved Oracle support

Version 0.97[edit]

Release Date: 090707

  • Customers, Contacts, Installations

Version 0.96[edit]

Release Date: 090609

  • Import from Oracle
  • faster online database comparison
  • feedback form

Version 0.95[edit]

Release Date: 090322

  • Data Diagram
  • ScrewTurn Wiki Page Provider
  • bug fixes

Version 0.94[edit]

Release Date: 090302

  • Multi-user capability: system administrator, project administrator, project user
  • Documentation Generator for Single HTML file
  • Documentation Generator for ScrewTurn wiki
  • WHERE condition for value scripts
  • C# ToString() to convert int to string as new value script
  • VB.Net Const declarations as new value script
  • More database schema checks

Version 0.93[edit]

Release Date: 090107

  • Documentation Generator for MediaWiki
  • TSQL value scripts support user defined datatypes
  • XSL transform for live table data of XML value scripts
  • UI improvements
  • bug fixes

Version 0.92[edit]

Release Date: 081216

  • Support for SQL2005 object types: Schema, Type, XML Schema Collection
  • Support for schemas, user-defined data types, XML columns
  • XML generation for Schemas and Objects
  • User-defined XSL transformations for generated XML
  • bug fixes

Version 0.91[edit]

Release Date: 081105

First public release.