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In dbscript, every information exists in the context of a Project.

A Project contains a collection of Project Versions, Databases, Schema Comparisons, Value Scripts, Object Selections, Saved Scripts, and Documentation Generators.


See Proj-edit

Project Versions[edit]

Each version of a schema or database snapshot is stored in a Project Version containing a set of Objects representing the schema objects.


Databases represent the development and production databases containing the schemas.

Schema Comparisons[edit]

Compare two Project Versions (two schemas) and create a database schema migration script from the difference.


Version 0.99

Value Scripts[edit]

Script generator to generate

  • table data as C# constants
  • T-SQL INSERT/UPDATE statements to replicate data in source (development) tables to production databases.
  • XML files containing data of selected tables

Object Selections[edit]

A name- and object type-based filter on schema objects.

Saved Scripts[edit]

Imported and generated schema, comparison and value scripts saved by the user.

Documentation Generators[edit]

Generate Database Documentation by using built-in or user-defined XSL to transform XML generated by Project Versions, Objects and Value Scripts.

See Samples for generated MediaWiki documentation.

Customers and Installations[edit]